"He's soft and he's fat and he's wearing my cloths and he was born on my birthday
and he's getting too old and I'm afraid if I stop running, he'll catch up with me."
- Nike motivational poster

May 2018

- 30 minutes of some form of exercise 5 days a week
- Beginner Yoga
- Core strengthening & conditioning
- Kettelbell workouts
- Slow movement hikes
- Natural movement workouts
- Olympic Lifts (adjust loads as needed)
- Sand bag training
- Play different sports (cycle, kayak, hike, snowshoe, etc,)
- Sprint workouts

May Workouts

Days This Month: 31
Some form of exercise: 2 of 13 days
Exercise hours: 2.0
Beginner Yoga hours: 0.0
Hiking/Climbing miles: 0.5
Paddling miles: 0.0
Cycling miles: 0.0

5/13 - Natural Movement Workout
5/12 - Hike/Clover Springs

Monday, December 05, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Totals

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

October Totals

Started out strong, then got weak.

Days in October:
Some form of exercise: 8 of 23 days
Approx. exercise hours: 15.25
Approx. hiking/climbing miles: 13.5
Cycling miles: 77.0
Paddling miles: 7.0

10/23 - Paddling/hiking at Cosumnes River Preserve
10/9 - Lake Sono/Hike - Lone Rock/Gray Pine loop
10/8 - Cycling/Road - Canyon Road Loop
10/6 - Clov Backroads/Preston Loop, PFC Gym/Floor Work
10/5 - Clover Springs/Speed Hike - Middle Ridge Traverse
10/3 - PFC Gym/Lifting, Clover Springs/Trail Run
10/2 - Cycling/Road - Modified Preston Loop with hill climb
10/1 - Cycling/MTB - Bizz Johnson Trail

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Location: Cosumnes River Preserve, CA

Workout: Endurance > 90
Hiking and paddling - Cosumnes River Preserve

Total Time: Count as 05:00:00

Paddling Miles: 7.0
Hiking Miles: 4.0

The Wetlands and River Walk.

Paddling on the Preserve

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Location: Lake Sonoma

Workout: Endurance < 90
Hike - Lone Rock/Gray Pine Flat loop

Miles: 5.0
Time: 01:11:01
HR: avg. 117 / max. 153


Saturday, October 08, 2011

Location: Sonoma County backroads

Workout: Endurance > 90
Cycling/Road - Canyon Road Loop via Dutcher Crk. Rd.

From home ride out Dutcher Crk. Rd. Take Yokum Bridge Rd. to West Dry Crk. Back to Dry Crk. Rd. to Canyon Rd. Over the hill to Old Redwood Hwy. Back to Cloverdale

Ride Time: 01:53:02
Total Total Workout Time: 02:09:23
Miles: 27.5
HR: avg 142 / max177

Waiting for harvest - Dutcher Creek Road.

Rafenelli Vineyards truck.

Foliage along West Dry Creek road.

Geyser Peak Winery on Hwy 101 @ Geyserville.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Location: Cloverdale Backroads

Workout: Endurance < 90
Cycling/Road Bike - Preston Loop
Reversed with a steep hill climb to the water tanks at Clover Springs

Miles: 9.02

Location: PFC Gym
Workout: Core Strengthening & Conditioning
Floor Work
40x O/H med ball abmat sit up
40x push up
40x ab wheel roll out

Total Time: 00:59:24

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Location: Clover Springs

Workout: Endurance < 90
Speed Hike - Middle Ridge Traverse
I found this hidden trail last week. An old overgrown fire road that looks to be used only be wild game. I will try this as a MTB ride soon.

Time: 00:52:32
Aprox Miles: 2.0
HR: avg 119/max 154

Monday, October 03, 2011

Location: PFC Gym, Clover Springs

Workout: Core Strengthening & Conditioning, Power
Floor work, Barbell Complex

3 Rounds of
10x ab mat sit ups
6x push ups

Barbell Complex
5x 5 @ 75#
OH Press
Bent Row
Dead Lift
Back Squat

Workout: Endurance < 90
Clover Springs - Trail Run, Speed Hike

South Ridge route to start of ridge.
10x log jump at turn around.
Run until I got tired, then speed hike until recovered. Repeat.

Tendinitis has improved over the last month, so I wanted to try floor work and lifting to see how it felt tonight and tomorrow.

Total Time: 01:04:40
Miles: 2.5
H/R: 123/170

Tendinitis Update: No change in inflammation/pain following the light weight/floor workout. Still slightly sore, but no change. Pull ups are definitely out for awhile though.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Location: Cloverdale Backroads

Workout: Endurance < 90
Cycling/Road - Modified Preston Loop

Returned via the Westside with a short climb (on the big ring) up the first section of Cherry Creek Rd, short but steep!

Miles: 10.5
Time: 00:45:23
HR: 128/220

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Location: Bizz Johnson Traill - Susanville, CA

Workout: Endurance > 90, Power
Cycling / MTB - Bizz Johnson Trail

Westwood to Susanville
Riders/bikes shuttled from Susanville to Westwood by the Forest Service (fee required).
Rode the first 8 miles at a fast pace, then slowed down when the landscape opened up to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

Approx. Miles: 30.0
Time: Count as 03:00:00 (actual riding time)

Other riders getting ready at the Historic Train Depot in Susanville.

Open valley with farm houses.

Historic trestle.

Also a couple old train tunnels.

The home stretch.

Friday, September 30, 2011

September Finals

Days this month:
Some form of exercise: 8 of 30 days
Approx. exercise hours: 15.5
Approx. hiking/climbing miles: 9.5
Cycling miles: 15.3
Paddling miles: 33.0

9/27 - Clover Springs hike
9/24 - 25 - Lake Sonoma overnight camp/paddle
9/20 - Lake Sonoma Paddle
9/15 - Cycling - Road Bike / Preston Loop
9/13 - Paddling / Lake Sonoma
9/12 - Cycling - Road Bike / Preston Loop
9/4 - Paddling / Alex. Valley to Healdsburg
9/3 - Duxbury Reef Hike

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Location: Clover Springs

Workout: Endurance < 90, Natural Movement
Hike - Clover Springs

Started on the normal old fire road, but ended up hiking up the south side of the canyon on a trail I didn't know was there. It finished on one of the MTB trails at the lower creek.

Time: 00:34:18
Approx. Miles: 3.0
HR: 120/156

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Location: Lake Sonoma - Yorty Creek

Workout: Endurance >90, Power
Kayaking - Overnight at Thumb Camp

A good workout paddling around at Lake Sonoma with a few kayakers from Kayaker's Alliance.

Approx Miles: 8.0
Time: Count as 03:00:00

Looking up the Cherry Creek arm from Thumb Camp (Sunday morning).

Paddling back out the Cherry Creek arm to the main body.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Location: Lake Sonoma - Yorty Creek

Workout: Endurance >90
Paddling / Yorty Creek

A run to take firewood to the Thumb Camp for a overnighter this weekend.

It took me 38 minutes to paddle out at a fast pace. 50 minutes to paddle back

Total Time: 01:43:07
Miles: 6.0

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Location: Cloverdale backroads

Workout: Endurance <90
Cycling / Road Bike - Preston Loop

In Reverse. Long version

Miles: 8.6
Time: 00:37:37

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Location: Lake Sonoma - Yorty Creek

Workout: Endurance >90
Paddling / Yorty Creek

A paddling workout as Marcie tried out her new Hobbie Mirage Revolution.

Miles: 2.0
Time: 01:00:00

Marcie preps her new kayak.

Motoring along in Mirage Drive!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Location: Cloverdale backroads

Workout: Endurance <90
Cycling - Road Bike

Preston Loop
Miles: 6.7
Time: 00:34:16
HR: 145 / 181

Note: Actual Ride Tim was 00:26:49. I'm counting recovery time back at the gym because my heart rate was still high (<100).

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Location: Russian River @ Healdsburg, CA

Workout: Upper Body
Play Different Sports - Paddling
16 mile paddle from the Alexander Valley Campground to Memorial Beach in Healdsburg.
A long way!!

Miles: 16
Time: Count as 05:00:00

At the put-in.

Lunch Break: Sam, A.S., Elia, Carl, Mary and Johanne

The Necky with rubber chicken.

Paddling through the "horseshoe" @ Rio Linda Academy.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Location: Bolinas, CA

Workout: Endurance >90
Hiking - Duxbury Reef and environs.
A great hike in the Bolinas area at the old RCA station. Old buildings, bluffs, beach hiking.

Miles: 5.5
Time: Count as 03:00:00

Helen in the Tunnel to Nowhere.

Gayla and Tom motor up the beach.

Beach hut.

A portion of Duxbury Reef.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

August Finals

Days this August: 31
Some form of exercise: 7 of 29 days
Approx. exercise hours: 17.5
Approx. hiking/climbing miles: 13.0
Cycling miles: 7.0
Paddling miles: 20.0

8/28 - Cycling/Road Bike - Preston Loop
8/27 - Tomales Bay Bioluminescence Paddle
8/21 - Russian river Paddle
8/17 - Clover Springs Speed Hike
8/16 - River Paddle / Clov. to Asti
8/14 - Climb Mt. Brokeoff
8/13 - Climb Lassen

August flew by. Now the challenge of not letting the SOND (Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.) work load take control.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Location: Cloverdale Backroads

Workout: Endurance <90
Cycling/Road Bike - Preston Loop

Miles: 6.83
Time: 00:25:39

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Location: Tomales Bay, CA

Workout: General
Bioluminescence Paddle
From Inverness, we paddled north looking for the Biolum. We found it! A surreal experience for sure.

On the water from 8:00pm - 11:00pm. We paddles approx. 5 miles.

Time: Count as 02:00:00

Sam with the Sacramento Paddle Pushers.
In search of.

Non Fitness Related

Couture signs two year extension. Ya-Hoo!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Location: Russian River @ Healdsburg, CA

Workout: General
Kayaking - Healdsburg to Steelhead Beach, Forestville

Miles: 9.0
Time: Count as 3.5

A paddle with a few guys from North Bay Kayakers. We started at Memorial Beach in Healdsburg and paddled to Steelhead Beach @ Forestville. We stopped about half way and BBQ'ed some sausage for lunch.

Phil, Sebastian and Carl below Healdsburg.
Gliding along.
The waterway west of Windsor.
Sam starting lunch.
Waiting and enjoying the sun. We were getting a few looks at aircraft from the Wings Over Wine Country air show.
The guys under Wohler Bridge.
Putting in at the Wohler Dam portage.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Location: Clover Springs

Workout: Endurance <90
South Ridge speed hike

Miles: 2.0
Time: 00:37:33
HR: 133/161

Looking down on Cloverdale.

East towards Mt. St. Helena.
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The logs listed on this site are workouts I have put together for myself. They are not meant as examples to teach others, but only as a way for me to track my own progression.

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