"He's soft and he's fat and he's wearing my cloths and he was born on my birthday
and he's getting too old and I'm afraid if I stop running, he'll catch up with me."
- Nike motivational poster

May 2018

- 30 minutes of some form of exercise 5 days a week
- Beginner Yoga
- Core strengthening & conditioning
- Kettelbell workouts
- Slow movement hikes
- Natural movement workouts
- Olympic Lifts (adjust loads as needed)
- Sand bag training
- Play different sports (cycle, kayak, hike, snowshoe, etc,)
- Sprint workouts

May Workouts

Days This Month: 31
Some form of exercise: 2 of 13 days
Exercise hours: 2.0
Beginner Yoga hours: 0.0
Hiking/Climbing miles: 0.5
Paddling miles: 0.0
Cycling miles: 0.0

5/13 - Natural Movement Workout
5/12 - Hike/Clover Springs

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lake Sonoma

Workout: Move Naturally
At the overlook - No equipment. Walk, run, push, pull, jump, crawl

A great morning at Lake Sonoma. Bright sun, crisp air, warm earth.

Looking at the marina on the Skaggs Springs arm.
Trail walk to the bottom lot to get warmed up.
On the slab/horse rail - 10x push ups, 10x sit ups, 10x 10 count plank, 10x body row
Log Run. Run on the logs around the lot, jumping from log to log (well... sometimes)
Hike back up to the overlook.
The Crapper Traverse - on the outside of the handrail, work around the slab using different foot moves (cross, reverse, hop). To make it harder, jump down on the back corners, then jump/pull yourself back up. When you get to the front on the other side, reverse.
The backside (ha ha.. the crapper traverse... get it?).
Side three.
The 3 Rock Hop. In the main area there are 3 clusters of 3 rocks. At the first cluster, jump onto the first rock then jump to the other two.
Continue to the second cluster and repeat.
Now run up and down the concrete stairs while weaveing between each pillar to the third rock cluster.
Repeat the 3 rock hop here. 3 Rounds.
Rampart Crawl. Jump on the concrete wall and bear crawl. At each break jump off, then in one movement, jump back on... continue to the end. 3 Rounds.
Chin Up/Pull Up station under overlook.
The Pillar Weave. Either pick a route and do it for time, or randomly weave around and between the pillars. If tourist see you doing this they will probably call security. It doesn't matter, they're overweight and drunk! Maybe they won't believe what they are seeing.
Lateral Bench Jump. Jump up to the left, jump down to the left to the end. Repeat going to the right. There is another bench behind and down from this one, continue on to it and repeat

Time: 00:54:45
Approx. miles: 1.0
Heart Rate: ave.-127 bpm / max.-171 bpm

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The logs listed on this site are workouts I have put together for myself. They are not meant as examples to teach others, but only as a way for me to track my own progression.

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