"He's soft and he's fat and he's wearing my cloths and he was born on my birthday
and he's getting too old and I'm afraid if I stop running, he'll catch up with me."
- Nike motivational poster

May 2018

- 30 minutes of some form of exercise 5 days a week
- Beginner Yoga
- Core strengthening & conditioning
- Kettelbell workouts
- Slow movement hikes
- Natural movement workouts
- Olympic Lifts (adjust loads as needed)
- Sand bag training
- Play different sports (cycle, kayak, hike, snowshoe, etc,)
- Sprint workouts

May Workouts

Days This Month: 31
Some form of exercise: 2 of 13 days
Exercise hours: 2.0
Beginner Yoga hours: 0.0
Hiking/Climbing miles: 0.5
Paddling miles: 0.0
Cycling miles: 0.0

5/13 - Natural Movement Workout
5/12 - Hike/Clover Springs

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Location: Cloverdale backroads, PFC Gym

Workout: Endurance, Power
Cycling - Hot Springs Road
Climb to the crest as fast as possible, then rip back down as fast as possible (staying on the right side of the road of course).

Total miles: 6.4 from home
Total time: 00:32:55
HR: 140 ave. / 192 max.

Note: A personal best time for this climb. I haven't been up this climb for quite some time and was surprised how easy it was. I will do it again in a few days and see how much time I can shave off.
Actual time from Hot springs turn off, up and back - 00:20:40 (about 6 minutes faster than the last time I did it).

Stronglifts 5x5 - w/o "A"+9
5x 5 squat @ 155#
5x 5 bench press @ 135#
5x 5 barbell row @ 135#

Bonus - Power
10x manmakers @ 20# dumbbell
10x dead clean @ 95# barbell

Time: 00:33:35
HR: 115 ave. / 160 max.

Total Workout Time: 01:06:30
HR: 133 ave. / 192 max.

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The logs listed on this site are workouts I have put together for myself. They are not meant as examples to teach others, but only as a way for me to track my own progression.

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