"He's soft and he's fat and he's wearing my cloths and he was born on my birthday
and he's getting too old and I'm afraid if I stop running, he'll catch up with me."
- Nike motivational poster

May 2018

- 30 minutes of some form of exercise 5 days a week
- Beginner Yoga
- Core strengthening & conditioning
- Kettelbell workouts
- Slow movement hikes
- Natural movement workouts
- Olympic Lifts (adjust loads as needed)
- Sand bag training
- Play different sports (cycle, kayak, hike, snowshoe, etc,)
- Sprint workouts

May Workouts

Days This Month: 31
Some form of exercise: 2 of 13 days
Exercise hours: 2.0
Beginner Yoga hours: 0.0
Hiking/Climbing miles: 0.5
Paddling miles: 0.0
Cycling miles: 0.0

5/13 - Natural Movement Workout
5/12 - Hike/Clover Springs

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Location: PFC Gym

Workout: Core Strength, Power
Warm up
Jump Rope, Heavy bag
3 rounds of
1 min. jump rope. 1 min. heavy bag work
3 min rest between rounds

Core Strengthening & Conditioning
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3 Rounds of
35x th kettlebell swing @ 53#
20x abmat sit up w/10# med ball overhead
12x ab wheel roll out
20x push up
20x russian twist @ 25#
20x squat @ 33# bulgarian bag
30 count plank

Couture - MMA Workout
3 rounds of @ 65# barbell
6x wide stance row
6x standing high pull
6x oh press
6x good morning
6x lunge (each leg)
6x back squat / push press
6x deadlift

Total time; 01:07:36
HR: 132 / 170

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DISCLAIMER: I have never had any formal workout or fitness training instruction. Everything I have learned has been self taught, self motivated, learned from trial and error, or picked up from books or the internet. Because of this, some of the words or phrases I use might not be the correct terms used by "professionals".
The logs listed on this site are workouts I have put together for myself. They are not meant as examples to teach others, but only as a way for me to track my own progression.

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